Coaching – Divorce Coaching

Anderson Psychological Services, LLC provides divorce coaching to address a variety of needs.  Divorce coaching can be an effective way to correct and manage communication challenges experienced by parents as they attempt to co-parent. The goal is to decrease overall conflict (verbal and nonverbal) between the parents.  Decreasing conflict is important not only for the parents, but it provides necessary relief for the children who are impacted by the conflict and stressful situations.  Dr. Anderson may either work with one parent individually, or with both parents together.  When each parent has a coach, scheduling joint-coaching meetings can be an effective way to manage conflict and support parents as they meet together to address co-parenting challenges. Some clients are referred by their attorneys for assistance with becoming more comfortable, supported, and emotionally prepared for an upcoming legal process such as mediation, a custody evaluation or other legal proceedings.  In addition, a parenting consultant may refer their clients for work with a coach in an effort to decrease conflict and improve co-parenting.

divorce coaching