Anderson Psychological Services, LLC

Families Matter

Family well-being matters most to Anderson Psychological Services, LLC. Sitting at the heart of every divorce, every mediation, every need for therapy, are people – the individual family members. People who need understanding, resolution of conflict, and a path toward accepting unforeseen circumstances.

Deborah Anderson, Psy.D, LP focuses her practice on the unique needs of the individuals and families she works with. Even in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), where conflicts take center stage, Dr. Anderson’s solution-focused approach helps to ensure that both parents and children receive individualized care that is designed to help each family member move forward personally and collectively.

Dr. Anderson talks with new clients to explain the benefits of ADR processes, coaching, reunification therapy, ADHD, and learning disorder evaluations and psychotherapy services to determine which service will best address their needs. Through personalized care, she works to reduce conflict and decrease the need for court or legal interventions, improve co-parenting behaviors, support personal growth, and help restore relationships.

Communication Counts

Dr. Anderson recognizes the need for good communication between everyone involved in the overall care process – during therapy with individuals and family members, and through consultation with other helping professionals. She works to ensure that every case is handled comprehensively.

Neuropsychological assessments for the diagnosis of learning disorders, ADHD, and co-existing mental health concerns is a service provided at Anderson Psychological Services, LLC.  School consultations is offered to individuals and families to clarify test results, as well as identify areas of academic strength and weakness.  In addition, assistance with recommendations for accommodations and supports to be included in a 504 plan or guidance for the development of an individualized education program (IEP) is provided.   

Anderson Psychological Services, LLC, will work with you to address insurance questions, and can submit claims for covered services directly to your insurance company.