We create an open environment that invites
our child, adolescent and adult clients to
challenge thought patterns, behaviors,
relationship dynamics, and current coping
strategies.  The goal of all work is to improve
overall sense of well-being, ability to parent or
co-parent, and overall health.

We work collaboratively with other
professionals, including attorneys,
psychiatrists, academic professionals, and
physicians to ensure high quality care that
strives to cover a case holistically.

We help parents, or those who wish to
become parents, evolve into the role models
that they strive to be even during times of
change.  We appreciate the unique challenges
"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."
- Albert Einstein
 Divorce Services
    Parenting Consulting
    Neutral Child Specialist
    Parenting Time Expediting
    Social Early Neutral Evaluations
    Parenting Coaching
    Reunification Therapy
    Marriage/ Relationship Closure
Learning Disability Evaluations
AD/HD Evaluations
Learning Styles/Strength Identification
Mental Health/Behavioral Concerns
School Consultation
Learning Styles/Strength Identification
  Identification & Treatment
Fertility/Family Planning
Pregnancy and Postnatal Support
AD/HD Coaching
resulting from life changes and challenges such as divorce, ongoing struggles with
infertility, challenges related to a developmental stage or academic difficulty.