Child Inclusive Mediation – CIM

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) is a time-limited, focused process developed to assist separated or divorced parents to understand the impact this is having on  the children.  The process involves a Mediator and a Child Consultant, whose work begins with separate parent intake sessions.  The role of the Child Consultant is to understand and highlight the children’s perspective.  Aspects of child development, and select themes and messages are shared with the parents during a subsequent feedback session. While engaging in a dynamic discussion during the feedback session, the Child Consultant encourages “the parents” to be present and focused on the feelings and expressed needs of the children, rather than the legal argument and self-interest.  Consistent with standard mediation practices, information discussed with Dr. Anderson, as the Child Consultant, or presented during the feedback portion of mediation, is confidential.   

Child Inclusive Dispute Resolution Processes

Dr. Anderson also supports parents and children as the Child Consultant in ADR processes other than Mediation, such as Parenting Consulting and Parenting Time Expediting cases.  Similar to CIM, Dr. Anderson would meet with each parent prior to meeting with the children.  Information is provided to the ADR professional and the parents as a group.  Future participation by the Child Consultant may be requested to provide updates on progress, or clarification may be helpful if there are new concerns or continued areas of vulnerability to be monitored.  A Safe Harbor Agreement would protect the information provided by the participating children to Dr. Anderson.  Information obtained during the parent interview or through consultation with the ADR professional would be subject to the same confidentiality guidelines that are allowed by the given ADR process.