Social Early Neutral Evaluation – SENE

Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process that occurs early during the course of divorce or paternity cases.  SENE is an evaluative process, led by a male/female team with the goal of resolving custody and parenting time issues.  The benefits of SENE include the potential for quicker resolution to custody and parenting time issues and cost savings, compared to custody evaluations or trial.  The evaluators will consider information provided by each parent about their children, proposals for shared parenting time, as well as concerns and important considerations for how they will support the children as they move between households.  The evaluators provide a neutral opinion related to custody, parenting time, and recommended supports, when appropriate.  SENE is a confidential process, and the evaluators may not be called as witnesses.

Dr. Anderson is also offering a private referral option through the collaboration with several experienced attorneys who she has worked with to successfully complete SENE’s that presented a range of challenges.  The cost for this service is $275 per parent/person.  Please contact Dr. Anderson for additional information.

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