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A separation or divorce can be overwhelming for
children and their parents.  All involved are dealing with
grief and loss issues that result in a range of emotions
and behaviors.  It is essential that parents manage
these times proactively, communicate honestly, and
continue to keep their child’s best interest in mind.
8.  Give us a chance to talk with
kids who are also going through
2.  Help us get organized forgoing
back and forth.  Be patient.
3.  Listen to our questions and    
opinions even if you don’t agree.
4.  Accept that we need a lot of
time to adjust, even when we don’t
show it.
5.  Keep your conflicts and dislike  
of each other out of sight and
6.  Keep us out of the middle of
your problems.  We are just kids.
7.  Don’t ask us to spy, pass
messages, or listen to you put-
down the other parent.
13. Show us it is OK to love and
want to be with both of you.
12. Tell us we aren't at fault for
your problems.  We can’t fix them
11. Confide in people your own age.  
We are not your substitute spouse.
9.  Help us express our feelings
and lean how to manage them.
10. Give us space and time to        
grieve the loss of our old life at our
own pace.
Excerpt from “Divorce From the Kids’
Point of View” By Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.    
NCFR Report, December 2007
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1.  We need to know you love us,
will protect us and won't leave us.